Musicians of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

Solo and Chamber


Mozart - The Flute Quartets

Bart Feller, flute. John Feeney, bass.  Daniel Panner, viola. Loretta O'Sullivan, cello. Krista Bennion Feeney, violin.

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20th Century Duos

Bart Feller, flute. Kathleen Nester, flute. Rena Feller, clarinet. Kim Laskowski, bassoon. Theodora Hanslowe, soprano. Victoria Drake, harp. She-e Wu, marimba. Linda Mark, piano.

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Elysian Fields

Bart Feller, flute. Jonathan Spitz, cello. Linda Mark, piano. Robert Wolinsky, harpsichord.

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 The New Blackthorn Stick

Andy Lamy, clarinet. Mike Stewart, Mary Bergin, Dermot Byrne, Brian Conway, John Whelan, Kevin Crawford, Pat Mangan, Gabe Donohue, Jerry O'Sullivan, Donie Carroll, John Nolan, Haley Richardson, John Walsh, Gregg Anderson, Floriane Blanke, Steve Holloway, Jim Musto.

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3-2-1 Concerto for Acoustic and Electric Violin

Eric Wyrick, violin. Composition by Darryl Kubian. Orquesta Sinfonia de Michoacan.

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String Theory - by Darryl Kubian

Darryl Kubian, violin / composition / electronics. Eric Wyrick and friends.

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Bach Partitas for Solo Violin

Rebekah Johnson, violin. 

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