Musicians of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

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Have a Question You've Always Wanted to Ask Us?

Curious about the pieces we perform, the training we have, our instruments, our auditions, or even how a bassoon reed is made?  Ask us!

During intermission of almost every New Jersey Symphony performance, members of our orchestra go out in to the hall to meet you, our audience, and hear your thoughts and questions. It's a part of our concerts we call "Ask A Musician."  

Now, we're excited to continue those conversation online as well as in person.  If you have a question about music, instruments, our lives as musicians, repertoire, auditions, or anything else you've always wondered about, submit it right here on our site, or post it on our Facebook page! We'll choose a different question every week, and post the answer our members give.  

Ask away, and see you at the concert hall!